The Dashboard

Tuesday 20th November 2018

The Dashboard is the central hub of your content. When you log into Iszy, you will see three tabs:

  • Incoming
  • Scheduled
  • Published



Incoming shows all the content that has been uploaded by your team. However, this content has not yet scheduled or saved for future use.



When you hover over an image, there are 6 icons available:

  • Download
    • Download the image to your device to store the image offline.
  • Move to Media Library
    • Store the image online in your Media Library (not available on Tiny Plan).
  • Edit
    • Use the Edit function to change the properties of the image
    • Apply filters to your image
    • Adjust the brightness and saturation of the image
    • Crop and resize the image.
  • Preview
    • View the full content.
  • Duplicate
    • Create a copy of the image on your dashboard
    • Use this feature if you wish to post the same piece of content to different networks at different times or with slight edits made to each version.
  • Link to products
    • Add URLs so your audience can buy the products in the image.

How to Schedule Content

In the bottom right-hand corner of the uploaded image is a calendar icon. Here, you are able to either immediately post the content or schedule for a later date and time.

Each piece of content will tell you:

  • Who has sent it
  • Date and time of upload
  • When the content will expire and be removed from the queue. This also varies depending on your subscription plan.

To block a contributor, select the stop button next to their name. To unblock a contributor, go to ‘Reporting’, then the ‘Block Contributors’ tab.

Approve Post

  1. First, click the calendar icon, labelled ‘Approve and Schedule for Publishing’
  2. Next, select the destination of the content by clicking on one of the Network icons or your website – read more about setting up your networks here.
  3. Choose whether to Publish Now or Schedule for Later.
    1. To Publish Now, click ‘Approve & Schedule’.
    2. To Schedule a Time:
      1. Click the calendar button
      2. Choose your date and time
      3. Click ‘Approve and Schedule’.

Schedule Post


When a piece of content has been approved for publishing, you will find it under the ‘Scheduled’ tab on the Dashboard.

A post that has been approved for immediate posting will show the message ‘Imminently’ at the bottom, as it is waiting to be pushed to its destination.


At the bottom of the content, you can see the icon for its destination plus how long until it will be posted.

Select the back arrow icon to return the content to ‘Incoming.

Select the calendar icon to reschedule the content.


Once a piece of content has been published, you will find it under the ‘Published’ tab on the dashboard.

When you hover over the content, five icons that were available on incoming will show:

  • Download
  • Media Library
  • Preview
  • Duplicate
  • Link

If you select the Globe Icon in the bottom right-hand corner of the content, it will be added to or removed from your Iszy feed.