Team Generated Content Reporting

Wednesday 21st November 2018

Here you can see who your active contributors are and how many pieces of content you’ve had submitted. View your stats on charts or in a table view, and see who you’ve blocked from contributing to your account. You can find “Reporting” in the left-hand admin toolbar when you’re logged into your Iszy account.

Active Contributors

The ‘Active Contributors’ tab shows you members of your team who have sent you content in the last 7 days. It will state their email address, the number of submissions they’ve made and the date and time of the last thing they submitted.


Blocked Contributors

The ‘Blocked Contributors’ tab shows you a list of past contributors who you’ve blocked so that their contributions don’t show in your dashboard.

To unblock someone, untick the green box at the end of the row.

Blocked Contributors


The ‘Reporting’ tab shows you the number of submissions you’ve received and what you’ve chosen to publish. You can view this data as a chart or as a table, and can download a CSV file of the stats. You can view data across all time, or refine it by date.

When viewing the chart you can see the Top 10 Contributors to your team’s Iszy account. The two columns show the number of media submitted (in red) and the number of media that has been published (in purple).

Meanwhile, the table view allows you to view up to 100 contributors at a time and sort your data by email address, number of submissions, and number of pieces published. There’s also a search bar if you’re looking for a particular email address/contributor.

Reporting Table