Industry Trends with Profile Watch

Tuesday 20th November 2018

It’s easy to waste hours on Twitter, trying to pick up on trends and catch onto what other profiles in your industry are talking about. Instead of having a member of your team on Twitter all day, use Profile Watch with Iszy. Build profiles of Twitter accounts you want to follow, and have Iszy send you or your team alerts when a tweet gets a large number of likes or retweets. To do this, set a ‘Trigger Alert’, which will let Iszy know when to the let you or your team know of a trendy tweet!

Find Profile Watch on the left-hand menu. To use this function, you must have your Twitter profile linked with Iszy. To do this, find out more here.

Add Profile

Profile Watch


Profile Watch 2


You can choose for Iszy to watch either everyone you follow on Twitter, or select specific profiles. Next, enter a ‘Trigger Limit’, which lets Iszy know that when a post has gotten a certain number of Likes or Retweets, Iszy should notify you or your team via email.

Use the tags to filter which team you would like to select to be notified.

Existing Profiles

Profile Watch Existing

Under the second tab ‘Existing Profiles’, you can see profiles that have trigger limits set. This also shows the team’s that will be alerted, and how many times an alert has been sent.

To edit, select the pencil icon on the right.

To delete, select the trash icon on the right.

Triggered Alerts

Profile Watch 4

Under ‘Triggered Alerts’, you can see the Tweets that have exceeded the trigger limit, and the number the retweets and likes on the post.