Image Editing with Iszy

Wednesday 21st November 2018

Iszy has a number of image editing features within the dashboard, so you can avoid having to download, edit and re-upload your content.

On the ‘Incoming’ tab on the ‘Dashboard’, select the third icon to edit.

Image Editing


Click the option ‘Filters’ to apply.

Select the filter of your choice to apply to your image.

To remove the filter, select ‘Reset Image’.

To save the filter, select ‘Update’.

Image Editing - Filters


You can change the Brightness and Saturation of the image under ‘Adjust’.

Move the sliders until at your desired level.

To remove the adjustments, you can select ‘Reset Image’. To save your adjustments, select ‘Update’.

Image Editing - Adjust


To Crop and/or Rotate your image, select ‘Crop/Rotate’.

To crop, click the corners or lengths of the lighter box to change the dimensions. Click and hold to move the box around the image for your desired cropped image.

To rotate, select the ‘Rotate Clockwise’ button.

Image Editing - Crop and Rotate