How to Create an Iszy Homescreen Button

Thursday 29th November 2018

Iszy doesn’t currently have a mobile application, but you are able to add browser shortcuts to your homescreen to access Iszy easily.



Open Chrome and go to Select the menu button in the corner and tap ‘Add to homescreen’.

Enter the name you want for the shortcut and add to your homescreen.

The icon will appear on your homescreen with a small Chrome icon to display it is a web app. However, when it opens, it will be it’s own screen or entry so that when switching apps, you are able to go between Chrome and your Iszy shortcut separately.


Open Safari and go to Load the website and go to the page you would like to save.

Select the browser toolbar and tap ‘Add to Home Screen’ which is shown in the share menu.

You can change the name of the shortcut to what you want displayed on your homescreen. Once saved, you can drag and drop the icon to wherever you would like an normal application icon.

The option to create a home screen button on iOS is only available through Safari. Other browsers, like Chrome for iOS, don’t offer this because of limitations in Apple’s iOS.