Help! Some of my older content has disappeared!

Friday 22nd December 2017

When you signed up to you were given options as to how long your queue could get – the standard is that you can have 250 pieces of content in your queue. After this, the old ones get deleted. If you’re finding you’d like to be able to grow a longer queue, please contact us about an upgrade.

Will older content I’ve shared disappear once it’s been deleted on

Once something is shared it lives on the network you share it with, we don’t actually delete anything from the networks after it’s been shared. If you later decide you want to remove it from a network where it’s been published, you’ll need to do so on the network itself as you would anything else you’ve posted there.

The slight exception to this is LinkedIn. When you share images to Facebook, Pinterest or Twitter, the image data gets sent to Facebook/Twitter/Pinterest and lives on their servers; deleting anything from won’t make any difference. However, when you share an image to LinkedIn, the image itself actually remains on’s servers and is ‘hotlinked‘ from Therefore if the image is deleted from at some point, it will effectively ‘break’ the image on LinkedIn. Just something to be aware of.