Iszy Feature: Hashtags, Image Recognition and Auto-Tagging

Thursday 7th February 2019

Creating hashtags for your content can be an absolute pain for marketers. You’ve got to make sure it’s relevant, so not to get flagged by the platform for being spamming, but also tags that are engaging and getting the right numbers. What if your social media scheduler could produce some relevant and engaging hashtags to go with your content?

Well, Iszy does just that!

Image Recognition and Auto-Tagging

Iszy uses deep learning to look at your uploaded content and produce relevant tags based on what you see! Below, you can see three photos of balloons, a vase of sunflowers and some people sat on a sofa. Below those images, you see a number of hashtags that Iszy has assessed as relevant and appropriate.


When you upload a piece of content, Iszy will automatically tag the content. Auto-Tagging can be turned off in the settings if this is something your marketing strategy does not require. However, if you are using the Image Recognition and Auto-Tagging features, they are also customisable. To edit the hashtags, just click on the pen and paper icon next to the text. You’ll be taken to the text editor where you can remove or add your own hashtags to the post, along with a caption.

Below the text editor, you’ll see two rows of suggested keywords. If you have turned off the Auto-Tagging feature, you will still see these keywords. Also, you can add these to your post by clicking on them, and customising what hashtags you want to use.

Another great feature that Iszy has to offer with the hashtags, is that Iszy looks at Twitter and sees how well these hashtags are doing. It looks at the engagement of the word across the platform and provides you will an average number of Likes, Retweets and other engagement stats.



Do you think Iszy could be an effective tool in your Marketing Strategy? Contact us today for a demo or sign up for your Iszy account today!