How To Know What Your Competition Is Tweeting About

Thursday 7th February 2019

One of the biggest challenges within the marketing department can be posting engaging and conversational content. Especially when you’re competitors are doing a really great job of staying on top of it. However, you don’t want to waste your entire budget having some sit on Twitter all day, making sure your content stays relevant. So, how can I stay on to of this? We’d like to introduce to you Iszy’s Profile Watch. Iszy will keep a close eye on what Twitter profiles you think are producing the best content, and when they reach a certain number of likes and retweets, Iszy will email you to let you know what is doing pretty well!

You can choose to either watch everyone you’re following or specific users and set your trigger limit for likes and retweets. Then, either set this account alert to be set to you or to another department.  Eventually, you’ll build up a selection of Profile Watches to keep up to date with what your competitors are saying.

Profile Watch 4

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