Facebook Lost Users to YouTube, Pinterest and Twitter

Tuesday 8th January 2019

Forbes reports that in 2018, Facebook lost users to competing platforms. Whilst Facebook reached 2.27 billion users, a staggering 30% of the world population, Twitter, YouTube and Pinterest have seen an increase in their market share.

Recently, many former users have said that deleting Facebook has made their lives easier, and they wouldn’t return to the social media platform. Facebook has come under fire for the amount of negative content, politics and “fake news” spreading around the site.

Facebook Social Stats

From December 2017-2018, Facebook’s global market share dropped by over 10% from 75.5%. In contrast, Pinterest has risen by 6.2% and Twitter by 2.5%.

Facebook has a big year, with the expansion of many features such as Group Stories and adapting the features on partner application Messenger. On the other hand, not everything was good for the social media platform in 2018. Facebook faced one of the most controversial scandals, Cambridge Analytica. Plus, reports show that Facebook lost one million users in three months.