YouTube Rewind 2018: What happened?

Tuesday 11th December 2018

Every year, YouTube uses its creators in a “year review” video, where it recaps some of the biggest trends of YouTuber’s of the year. The YouTube Rewind 2018 video, which boasts over 107 million views, also has 8.1 million dislikes. The video is the platforms second-most disliked video. However, that video amassed over 9.7 million dislikes over 8 years, whilst this video was released nearly a week ago.

Why is Rewind 2018 disliked?

YouTube usually pays homage to featured creators that have performed well on the platform over the year. Many as saying that certain events and creators on YouTube were not mentioned or given credit for their efforts on the platform.

Who should have been featured?

The platforms most subscribed channel, PewDiePie, was not featured on rewind 2018, despite this year having on of the most engaging years. PewDiePie – real name Felix Kjellberg – battled against the Bollywood channel T-Series to keep the top spot. The YouTuber managed to gain 5 million subscribers in a month, with the assistance of other social media influencers such as Mr Beast, who bought numerous billboards saying “Subscribe to PewDiePie”.

Shane Dawson was a major creator this year, who introduced docu-series to mainstream YouTube. One of the original YouTuber’s that has been with the platform since it began, Dawson’s absence was notable. By interviewing a number of YouTuber’s, Dawson’s channel found his channel growing with his Secret Life of Jeffree Star and The Truth about Jake Paul series’.

A major event of 2018 that was not recognised in rewind was the KSI v Logan Paul boxing match. The live streamed event was watched by 800,000 people worldwide. The promotion of the match got a lot of attention from professional fighters. It is suggested that this was not featured in Rewind, due to Logan Paul’s actions in January 2018, where he filmed a body in the Suicide Forest in Japan.

What is featured in YouTube Rewind?

Despite the dislikes, many have been positive about the video featuring fewer creators but giving them more screentime. Some of the events and trends featured in the video include Fortnite, Baby Shark, Drag Queens and K-Pop.

The video also had an animation segment, which has not previously been addressed in a Rewind video. It also showed more diversity by featuring creators from all over the world and more languages.