Our Favourite Apps on #NationalAppDay

Tuesday 11th December 2018

In order of #NationalAppDay, the team here at Iszy wanted to share some of our favourite apps.

Lisa – Instagram

It might be quite (or very!) mainstream but I’m pretty addicted to Instagram at the moment! Too much so and I need to stay away from the beautiful homes and Christmas crafting!


Lisa – Tapestry Journal

My childrens’ nursery uses it to keep me in touch with what they’re doing throughout the day. It’s lovely to then look back at their progress over the years/months.


Tom – Iszy.ai

I find it easy for my team to share pictures with me. It has some great features for adding feeds to your website, and even has image recognition to suggest hashtags for my images.


Hayley – Yolt

Yolt is a money management tool I use to make sure I budget and don’t overspend. It’s really easy to use, as I enter my monthly costs and what I want to save. I can categorise my expenses, and Yolt lets me know if I’m doing too much shopping!


Hayley – Evernote

I used Evernote to write down everything. It’s not just about writing notes like on Apple, I can record voice notes to listen to later, set informal reminders outside my calendar or create a quick Christmas list to send to my parents.


Ewen- 1Password

A beautiful, simple and secure password manager that integrates seamlessly with mobiles and other devices. Generate super-strong passwords and sign in to websites and apps with a couple of taps without needing to remember the password.


Dean – Night Shift

Night Shift is a bluelight app that can set timers to automatically be on certain times of the day. I look at screens all day, so it’s really handy having the phone adjust for me.


Matt – Live Scores

It’s really easy to use and is great for keeping up with all the football fixtures and results, as well as allowing you to set up live notifications if your favourite team scores (or concedes) a goal.


Jon – Ecosia

A great search engine that uses the profit generated from searches to plant trees where they are needed most – they’ve planted over 44 million trees so far!


Craig – Monzo

Instant spending updates, smart budgeting, can be easily used abroad, pay/receive money from others in seconds. Everything is quick and easy. It’s what a bank should be.


Craig – Dune

Dune. A strangely satisfying, easy and addictive game where a ball gains speed and momentum with well timed dune jumps.



What are some of your favourite apps? Tweet us @Iszyai and make sure you add #NationalAppDay to join in the conversation!