Facebook Releases Group Stories to All Regions

Friday 7th December 2018

The growth of stories on social media has overtaken 2018. At the end of 2017, we saw Facebook had begun testing a story feature for groups and events. This allows members of events or online groups to create a collaborative story.

The social media platform has introduced this new feature across all regions, just in time for Christmas parties and New Year’s drinks.

Admin’s of events or groups are able to remove an inappropriate or unwanted content. But the chance to share some media between a group of friends sounds like a fab idea without clogging up your news feed!

Snapchat first introduced the concept of stories back in 2014. Later on, it was adopted by competing platforms Instagram, Facebook and Whatsapp. More recently, YouTube and LinkedIn have also included a stories feature. A study by Buffer found that Instagram and Whatsapp were leading with the number of Daily Active Users on their platforms, with Snapchat and Facebook at less than half the number.

This week, Instagram announced they would be introducing a Close Friends feature for sharing more personal stories.